Why Paying for a Good Hairdresser is a Worthy Investment

I am a lazy person… there I admit it…if I could go without brushing my hair, I would.   Yes being such a complete slob does not sit well with the fashion blogging gig but hey, at least I am honest.  I also have to admit to being a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to hairdressers and really did not see the point of going to a more expensive hairdresser when I could go to the cheap local down the street.

bh1If I could go without brushing my hair I would…

After having admired DressMe’s Jasmine Smith’s glossy and edgy looks, I dug into my purse and bit the bullet (actually I decided to try due to a Sassy deal).  First of all QG Private i salon is based in the HK Four Seasons Hotel so you can experience a bit of luxury as you get your hair done.  Secondly, John Mouzakis (the hairdresser genius) is super cool and extremely friendly.  I said the magic words “Leave it to you John but make sure it is low maintenance” and he began to work his magic.  I was offered some hot lemon tea and settled down to browse some magazines though in the end I ended up chatting to John about diverse subjects as tattoos, his coming to HK with Toni & Guy and errr…Justin Bieber.  John kindly did not talk about the sorry state of my hair and time whizzed by.


John Mouzakis of QG Private i Salon

With a final flick and run through of my hair, John showed me the final results.  I shamefully have to admit that I squealed like a girl (wait I am a girl but you know what I mean) and cried out “OMG, I feel like a princess!  John you are as good as Kate Middleton’s hairdresser!”  (I am not sure John felt flattered by that comparison but I meant it in a good way.)  My hair was soft, shiny and bouncy just like the future Queen of England’s hair.

km1 km2

This is what I felt my hair looked like…


me1Me with my shiny bouncy hair…

I happily paid my fee and was convinced to make a return trip.

John’s usual partner in hair transformations is the colourist Andy Wong.  Andy is the one responsible for the dramatic hair colour transformations of Jasmine’s (flame red, deep purple, a light orange…).  Now I have to make another shameful confession, the last time my poor hair had a colour treatment was when the boy treated me to some ombre highlights or as he puts it in his French accent HOMBRE…  This happened at least a year (more like a year and a half) ago and I was extremely ashamed when I muttered this to Andy.  Andy worked miracles with my poor hair and now I have a lovely lighter brown sheen to my hair and the colour will grow out without horrid roots (perfect for my slothlike self).

A good hairdresser and colourist are a good investment.  Yes, you might think it a luxury but in the long run as I have found out, your hair is so much more manageable, in better condition and generally just makes you feel good.  It is also such a relief for me to be able to just let them work their magic.  I personally am very bad at giving directions, I REALLY do not know what is good for me.

I definitely would recommend visiting John and Andy if you are in HK.  These guys are truly miracle workers and also nice guys to boot.

John – just a joke but may be I should try this on my next visit?  Seriously just joking, I know you would be willing to try!


Find John and Andy at:

QG Private i Hair Salon
Podium Level 6
Four Seasons Hotel
Central, HK

Telephone: 2521 0070


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