Feeling the Love- Birthdays

As I get older, no I do not want to reveal my age ( a lady never does that though I am not sure how ladylike I am!) but I have been feeling less and less keen to organise a big party for my birthday. Could it be that I also think that people might not attend? Hmmm…

So this year, for personal reasons too, I also did not feel like going out on the lash and”party”. Luckily for me, the W-Insider for HK’s W Hotel Charlie Lin was super sweet and made a last minute booking for me to have Sunday brunch at Kitchen.  I was also fortunate that 4 super sweet people without whom, my life might have become intolerable, found time to come and have Sunday brunch with me.

So, what to wear?  I decided that as it was my Birthday… I can wear my lovely floral crown which had been made for fellow fahion blogger Jasmine Smith’s birthday by the lovely Vanessa Lawson (an amazing DIY blogger).  Actually she still sells them at Glamourpods! Hey it’s my party so I can wear a floral red crown if I want to!!  Matching red heels from local brand Sleeh and finally a white with black polka dot dress (vintage of course) and my beloved Erbert Chong bag.

It was the perfect way for me to celebrate my low key birthday: with four amazingly cool people, lots of great food (hello all you can eat amazing buffet with loads of cured fish and fresh seafood and bottomless champagne!!)  Also the divine Charlie had made sure I received a great table which gave us a great view.  After a lot of food, champagne and laughter…I was presented with a surprise birthday dessert platter!!  Oh thank you W Hotel!

So I was full and had to roll out on my way home and then have an afternoon snooze to sleep off the food!!  But it really was a birthday that was perfect for me.  I also fell in love again with some vintage pieces and not so vintage pieces that I had not worn for a long time…


My Birthday “Cake”

Yes…I did share…


Hmm…will my wish come true?


The Amazing People who Shared My Birthday with Me!!


The Perfect End to the Meal…
(Bumping into Manager on Duty Stewart Chen!)

So the lesson to be learnt is the simple pleasures such as vintage clothing, nice heels and great food really are the finer things in life for this lady!  Oh WAIT…actually having great friends who have stuck by me and then last minute re-arranged their schedules to come join me for my Birthday Brunch…is the most important thing in life!!  Thank you guys and gals!


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