Overdue: Feeble Attempt at OOTD, My Boy and I loving MISCHA Bags…oh and being in Greece!

Unfortunately, it has been decided to keep the wedding pics private! So sorry no talks about what the bride war but I can guarantee that she looked beautiful.

So yes, we got to see a bit of Greece (mainly near the Athens area due to the wedding venue.) IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!! Blue skies, lots of mythology and archeology for the geek in me to be satisfied and the food was jimmy pretty much everywhere.

I have not finished editing the pics but here are the some sneak peeks!


The Boy Started to Play around with the Camera… he probably understands more than I do!!


We decided to take the DSLR camera with us this trip in hopes our photography skills would improve and we would have some stunning pics and I could do some outfit posts.  Not sure how successful we were…



Standing Under a Tree as You Do…

Wearing Vintage Playsuit, Estate Sale Scarf from Norbyah and a MISCHA cross body…



Same Outfit but with the added bronze MISCHA overnight tote…

Yes as you can see these pictures were from the same day (I do change my clothes) and I don’t pose ladylike either.  MAJOR OOPS.

Also, you might have noticed the love of MISCHA going on here!!  Even the boy got into the action…



Yep, the boy likes this bag…



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