BEAUTY: The Dog and I Share Our Common Beauty Treat…(Yes I Do Mean My 8 Year Old Male Chihuahua)

I had heard of coconut water and coconut oil being the go to products for the gorgeous models that grace our Instagram feeds and our glossy magazines.  Adriana Lima (one of the Victoria Secret’s “ArchAngels”) swears by a life time of drinking coconut water and Miranda Kerr (another one of those sickly gorgeous models) swears by a spoonful of coconut oil with every meal.  Now I love coconut water so that seemed easy (though a bit of a burden on the old wallet as in HK, we cannot literally pick coconuts from trees and machete them open) but the coconut oil posed a problem for me.  I bought some (ok it was the cheapest one so I guess I asked for it) but it quickly solidified into a white “cream”…actually it was thicker and harder than cream, I simply do not know what to call it.  Yes I am wordless for once.

So when I was given some Jax CoCo Extra Virgin Centrifuged Coconut Oil as well as some of the yummy flavoured coconut water, I have to admit I was a bit sceptical.  Bo, one of the lovely ladies from Plug PR who is a dog lover told me how good the stuff was for my grumpy old man chihuahua.  He has had a bit of a tough time and has sore pores and had been living a bit rough for a few months before I fostered then adopted him.


Sad Edowan at Adoption Day




Visiting the ladies at Plug PR

Bo advised that the coconut oil would be fantastic for Edowan’s sore paws (which he had from a serious infection he had when I first fostered him).  Not only would it be good topically for the dog but also topically for me.  I am a bit of a clumsy person and so I do get lots of cuts, bruises and unfortunately some bites from the little one.  I also tend to get dry itchy skin during seasonal changes.  Bo also advised that taking it would make Edowan’s general condition better.


Edowan looking perkier…

The sample size was a small pot so I used it sparingly.  However, the major point I was immediately impressed with was the fact that it did not congeal into some horrid sickly gloop.  Sorry I still cannot think of the appropriate word.  Also the taste was natural tasting and not that strong upon tasting.  After a few days of putting it on my little cuts and also Edowan’s paws (I used it sparingly as the sample was small), I noticed a significant improvement.  Also Edowan loved the taste of it (it was more of a treat for him).  May be I was imagining it but his general condition did look perkier.  I also would consider adding it into my daily diet (especially if it helped me lose weight and gave me glossier hair!)


The New Face of Jax Coco?


The Miracle Product that the dog and I both shared…


Please Jax Coco can I have a regular donation of Coconut Oil and Water?

On a side note, the flavoured coconut water (I tried banana and chocolate) was surprisingly yummy.  I was a little bit scared to try flavoured coconut water as I like it as it is.

For more information about the Jax Coco range and stockists, check the website (  FYI they deliver!


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