OUTFIT POST: Floral Clash…

First of all, a big thank you to Jack Wills HK and Plug PR for arranging the borrowing for clothes and who knew but my mum took the pictures – so thank you MUM!

Until British designer Richard Nicoll took ever the helm for Jack Wills, I had to admit that I totally thought of them as a British version of A&F – just not in my age range.  I admit continuously now that I was in the wrong.  Now I see suits, dresses, separates which I want.  And with a good print…you had me at brocade or “liberty print”.

The first of the outfit posts in collaboration with Jack Wills HK is called “Floral Clash”.  I saw this peach brocade suit and fell in love.  Unfortunately, it would be too hot for HK weather!  Definitely more suitable for the western suit.

brocade8Edowan was not impressed with my outfit…

brocade7Embracing the Clash of Patterns…

The suit in itself is such a bright statement that I pushed it further with a floral vintage blouse with a ruffled collar.  More romantic than the suit but in a cooler blue colour palette to help ground the vividness of the suit. Added metallic grey vintage YSL heels to give it a ladylike look and a thrifted grey suede bag with a fringe (so Summer 2015 trend!).

Focus should go on the amazing accessories that I have on.  The necklace is from a London brand called Moxham which is stocked in The Refinery at PMQ.  The necklace give modernity and a bit of edge to the romantic nature of the suit and shirt.   I am also wearing my faithful watch from locally based brand VOID.  All accessories including the bag and shoes are in silver/dark grey metallics to help balance the colour class of the clothes.

Brocade 2

The Moxam Necklace adds edge to the look but is not too “in your face”.

brocade 5

In fact the Moxham necklace comes with a bracelet that detaches from the necklace


Simple watch and grey metallic heels finish the outfit…


I used the MAC is Beauty range with the pastels range of eyeshadow and lipstick.  Once again highlighting the focus on the clothing…


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