The Need for Change? Facials and Hair and Lifestyle? (Part 1 Facials)

I have been in a bit of a funk recently with looks wise.  If you know me (and I put my hands up) I simply am very lazy, incompetent and indecisive about skin care and my hair.  I do not do facial masks on a regular basis (yes I am that lazy) and the idea of going to the spa for regular facial treatments kind of give me goose bumps due to the usual immediate pressure to buy package deals.  (I understand that in the long run they might end up cheaper but call me a commitment-phobe with beauty and hair routines!)

Imagine my surprise when I came across a long established hair and skincare company called Paul Gerrard.  Situated right on Pottinger’s Street, in the middle of Soho, it fits with low key cool.  The main building is where the hair cutting and skin treatments are done but hold your horses guys…there is a barber’s (with an awesome retro look) right next door.  What made me relax was that it actually was a family business, Paul cuts hair, his mum has a jewelry store above the barber’s store (more later in another post) and the therapists and stylists have worked for years with him.  The tea lady is an institution and makes the meanest and tastiest coffee…

Ok back to facing my fears….I met a therapist called Gladys who was very welcoming.  I loved the simplicity of the spa…it felt cozy even though it was white.  I guess because most clients were long term clients and so the vibe was almost of friends.  Gladys led me to the treatment room  which is simple and strangely relaxing in its simplicity…no lots of pictures with price lists everywhere (eek a nightmare of mine).

Processed with VSCOcam

BEFORE: The Lighting was flattering…but my face was red and itchy and dirty…you could not see the blackheads…  😦

After double cleansing my face with Dermalogica products, the scary white light was switched on and she examined my face.  Gladys explained that the red patches I had been experiencing is probably due to my insufficient skincare routine (i.e my laziness) and a need to improve on my cleaning (double clean ideally) and to use the right face exfoliant.  The reason my skin was feeling red and irritated was because the dead skin was not been exfoliated away so the serums etc was not sinking into the skin where it needed the most.  Also my blackheads were pretty “established” (I cringed) due to my ad hoc cleaning routines.  She gave me a skin peel which came from a more for mature skin range for Dermalogica but she reassured me that everything else I can pretty much use the normal skin care.  After all the skin peels and extractions (removing blackheads), the mask was put on and I was given a lovely little facial massage as well as a tiny neck and shoulders one.

The end results…gone are the annoying dry irritating bits and a smoother skin with a gentle glow.  I am beginning to understand the need for proper skincare… FINALLY.

Processed with VSCOcam

Excuse the Spa Hair…But my skin felt soft, clean and blackhead free!!  I actually felt good within my skin.

To be honest, I felt great and now I understand the need to keep my skin clean (sounds like I was really grimy but I tended to take short cuts).  Also as I get older, I need to take care of my skin so just simply knowing I need to use the right products for the right uses is valid.  Gladys was great in answering any questions about products.  Also to get my used to cleaning and exfoliating, Gladys gave me samples of the two key products to try and to get into a mini routine.

Two things that excited me about the range of products that Paul Gerrard offers:

1)  The real St Tropez Fake Tan Range…

2) Black Chicken Organic Skincare

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.18.03 PM

Thank you Gladys for being gentle with me…I am trying and am becoming a convert to getting facials done at establishments.  If they are as relaxing and cozy as Paul Gerrard,  I am a fan.

P.S.  You know it is a good facial when deep down dirt in my skin is coming through as spots…the treatment was that good!!

Here are the details:

1st and 2nd floor
Wah Hing House
35 Pottinger Street
Central Hong Kong

+852 2869 4408
+852 3759 5698

Reception hours are from:

9.30am – 7pm Monday, Tuesday
9am – 9pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9am – 7pm Saturday


I have no shame…I need help with my hair!!

Do not laugh but with the HK weather and my incompetence…I need a HAIR SOS…



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