1. Ann Krembs says:

    Another fantabulistic co-ord! I love how easily you mix your prints–palm trees with leopard heels. It all works so splendidly!

    Jackie, let’s the three of us get together real soon and shoot pics for each other, k? I think that would be un. Then we could all go get drinks–or maybe intersperse the drinks while shooting. Well that’s not classy, but what the hey!

    You holding up in the rains ok? Mwua!

    Ann from http://www.krembdelakremb.com

    • jackalinetang says:

      Definitely lets get together…bloggers unite. Yeah that dress and those shoes and well Bryant made it a perfect moment where I look graceful. I think after that Bryant probably said I looked like I was walking like an idiot. Sigh

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