My Summer Uniform… Silk Blouse, Shorts and Heels

It has been a long and sweaty HK summer as I found out recently.  I pretty much would shower and then leave the house and be promptly covered in sweat… TMI?  Probably but it was such a long summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the blue skies and the sun but the humidity?  That was a whole different situation.

I sweat… I sweat A LOT…yes once again probably not something to be admitting here when writing a fashion post but hey it is the truth, I cannot deny it but have to acknowledge and address said problem.  I found that wearing natural more breathable materials helped with the heat and I was lucky enough to come across some pieces that literally became my “summer uniform”.

If you know me then you know I love a good print so I was lucky enough to have encountered “Doll Memories”  which is an online brand based in HK which pretty much sell the cutest print tops that I know.  This (now sadly out of stock) rose printed shirt was and is a favourite of mine.  Worn with pretty much anything, it gives you a really feminine vibe without being too girly.  Also who knew…pastel and rose pink became my “thang”.


My Summer Uniform…


Going Girly with this Rose Print Silk Shirt


My Summer Uniform…

I can’t either stop talking about how much the haircut I received from Hamish Glianos at Paul Gerrard HK Salon made to my overall look.  Being such a supremely lazy person, it really passed the test when I could literally wash and go.  The divine Gab did my balyage hair colour.  Also GHD platinum hair tongs made straightening my hair super easy.


Short Hair Maketh the Difference…

Also as mentioned in previous posts, I pretty much used MAC make up for my total look from tinted moisturiser to lipstick.

Even as a curvy (I have admittedly put on a lot of weight) girl, I loved these denim shorts from local boutique Tiare.  Gutted they are out of stock but they are super comfy and easy to wear.  To lengthen my legs, I wore a pair of thrifted Dior heels and then ended up throwing a thrifted Alexander Wang bag.  The link between these two pieces is the texture of the leather (one being snakeskin and the other being mock-crocodile.)

This literally was my running around town uniform this summer, the proof being this was an unplanned look to shoot when I shot with Bryant at IFC one fine sunny day.  Unfortunately, due to my stuffing these pieces into my suitcase during shooting, they were a little rumpled but then on the other hand I am a little bit of a scruff so it kind of encapsulates me.  A good steam makes a difference though and these pieces looked pristine after a quick steam.


A Little Bit Rumpled but Ready To Go…

Thank you again to my dear Bryant for amazing photographs.  Also here are my suggestions to get a similar look…(that is if you want to get it of course!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.36.47 PM

“Purple Black” Silk Shirt from Doll Memories

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 3.54.49 PM

Donvina Shorts from Tiare

Or for proper denim shorts, I found a great pair online at Zalora which is cheap yet super cute.  I like the fact they are not “hot pants” and have a wider errr “bottom”.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.45.12 PM

So there you go… pretty much my uniform…


2 thoughts on “My Summer Uniform… Silk Blouse, Shorts and Heels

  1. Ann Krembs says:

    The thing I love about your pattern play Jackie is that it usually involves fabulous, patterned shoes! Lovely look elevated with those glam heels of yours.

    Love it!

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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