Why can’t Women wear Maternity Brands when they are not pregnant?

I guess the question for most women would be “Why would women wear such brands when they are not?”

Well, I unashamedly have bought maternity wear and yes it is because I have put on a lot of weight but also well, I like some of the clothing and that’s really the most important thing.  What do you thin?

HK based (though they do world wide shipping) maternity wear brand Mayarya have actually been a favourite of mine since I met the founder Reika Shetty.  When she was pregnant in HK, she realised there simply were not many options that were either a) affordable b) decent quality and c) were clothes you WOULD want to wear.  Hence she solved the problem and Mayarya was born.  The concept is that the pieces can be worn before, during pregnancy and after you give birth.  Originally, they imported a lot from elsewhere but now they have an in house styling team.

So what are some of the reasons that I like Mayarya?  I’e found that first of all – I like the clothes.  Then, well because it is maternity and I am a curvy girl (I have a big bust), the cutting is better for me.  For example, tops seem to be a bit longer and if you are a busty girl, well you know those few extra inches can prevent you from flashing your tummy or your backend.  Personally, that would and is not my favourite look.

Let me show you some of my current favourite pieces from Mayarya (still available so have added links)…

  1. Bow Sleeved Off the Shoulder Top – HK$630


I have always wanted to wear off the shoulder however, most styles though lovely are either cropped or tied at the waist and therefore (on a good day) would make me look like some serving wench at Oktoberfest.  This one does not, it is longer an more of a tunic style but also the bow sleeve detail on the sleeves is super cute (tip:double knot) and also the shorter sleeve length is very flattering and highlights the slimmer part of your arms.  I have had people ask where to get this top and also people mentioning they wished it also came in black (yes please!) and my personal request – a navy version too.

2.  Fluted Sleeve Maternity & Nursing Dress  – HK$880


This comes in navy and black.  I just found the sleeves a fun little detail.  Dress is extremely lightweight ad comfortable to wear.  The nursing zip access is barely noticeable so for ladies like me, it does not look out of place (such easy access could damage a girl’s reputation don’t you know?  Ha! Ha!)

3.  Ponte Dress in Orange – HK$870



HOW can you not smile at the colour of this dress?  An A-line cut means it is flattering on most figures and well the colour really is the great point of this dress.  Also the material is super comfortable.

So there you go – don’t be put off by a label “maternity wear” also for soon to be moms, do check out Mayarya.  They’ve got a pretty good following of fashionista moms!

P.S.  This is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to love supporting local brands when I can, I also simply love the pieces I chose to write about above.



Wedding Guest Outfits…

As you get to a certain stage in your life; the people you went to school and university with, work with, socialise with and your family; well they all start getting married.  Obviously, I am happy for them but there is a sinking feeling in that petty little piece of me that says “Oh gosh…what will I wear?”  Also, if you are one of the lucky ones and receive a lot of wedding invites then the next question is “How many outfits do I need?”

Be like HRH Duchess of Cambridge and recycle your wardrobe.  That dress that you bought for one special occasion can be worn to another celebration.  All you need and this sounds so simple – rework the accessories that you wear with it.  This includes jewellery, shoes, handbags and how you style your hair and make up.  You can get plenty of wear out of that core investment piece.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.00.27 PM.png

HRH Duchess of Cambridge shows how it is done

I had a recent opportunity to work with a HK based brand called The House of Folklore and one of the pieces that they had was a clutch that came in two different colours.  We thought as wedding season was coming, why not do a piece about how simply changing a clutch could change up an outfit.

In this case, I chose one of my go to dresses for pretty much any occasion (from first dates to working at PR events)  which in this case would be a wedding reception of a colleague.  These, I tend to go a bit more low key so the navy wrap dress from HK label WhattheFrock?.  Navy is a great alternative to black.  The cap sleeves makes sure you are covered and also for me, the wrap dress means that with fluctuating body sizes, the dress can still be worn.

Hair in this case was left simple and loose however, though we did not have time in this shoot, I would look at even just putting my hair up in a pony tail or a chignon.  If it was an outdoor wedding especially with the clear version of the clutch I would even look at wearing a fascinator.

Here is the look with the pink version of the Flutter Clutch.

Wedding street style.jpg

And here is a shot of the same outfit with the clear version of the clutch:

Flutter at Coffee shop.jpg

Outfit Post: A simple black and white dress…

If you know me…you know I LOVE colour.  So this post is a bit of a different one for me as I am showcasing basically a black and white dress.  It is also a more feminine look than I really go for with a high neckline and an A-line skirt.  The dress was from Marks & Spencer and was paired with a pair of mules also from Marks.  I was lucky that the lovely Sabrina Sikora pushed me into wearing mules (I always looked at them with an eye brow raised) and well they were peep toe too which makes me go EEK even more (I have to keep a decent pedicure on those tootsies).  However, they ARE super comfortable and pretty much went with every outfit I had during the summer of 2015.  Also a heel that you can walk around in in HK?  SOLD.  Thankfully Marks & Spencer have reproduced them this Spring 2016.  They obviously know a good thing when they see it.  Shame though that they did not reproduce the navy version (gutted I didn’t get those last year).  For other options on the mule shape…check out Australian brand SENSO (they ship to HK!) from closed toe, open toe to various shades of animal print (cue heart emojis at this point).


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 2.14.28 PM.png

Senso Mules…

The dress I am wearing in this outfit post is from Summer 2015 for Marks & Spencer.  However the shape is classic and super flattering for most silhouettes.  For curvy girls like me, a nipped in waist helps give you a nice shape and though sleeveless, it is easy to cover up your bingo wings with a little cardigan (or just own the said bingo wings like I do).  I have found local brand WHAT THE FROCK?  to be a great affordable option.  No pattern but coming in a multitude of colours which adds personality to your outfit!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.26.20 PM.png

What the Frock ‘French’ Dress in Pink

I have heard from a professional matchmaker that such a dress like this is perfect for a first date.  It is feminine, fashionable (without being too fashion aka scary) and has scope via the colour and the accessories you add to it to make it your own personal style.




So there you go…dresses that do not have crazy prints can be a good thing…

Thanks as always to Bryant for making me look semi decent in photos, that boy is a miracle worker and super talented.


Thanks for featuring me on IFB’s Links a la Mode March 31!

My first time to be featured!!!

Links à la Mode, March 31

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Homage to Christian Wijnants and Pajamas Dressing

So this set of photos are long overdue to be posted as they were from LAST YEAR.  However, it seemed timely since Christian Wijnants was in town recently to celebrate a stand alone store to unearth these pictures that were taken by the talented Bryant (www.bryantlives.com).  This was the first time we shot in a store (as there were only limited numbers of the Christian Wijnants pieces in the EQ:IQ stocks).  Usually, the natural lighting in IFC with Bryant’s camera creates some magical glow that makes me look relatively decent (shocking huh?)



First Time Shooting in a Store with Bryant (the sales thought I was crazy lady)

When I saw the press preview of this Christian Wijnants 2015 collection, I fell in love with this print.  I am not usually a fan of dark green but the blue and pink of the print makes it fresh, playful and feminine.  The collection had been based on African farmers and the way they used what was available around them to create their clothing…this meant interesting use of print, textures and being inspired even by what we would normally consider to be rubbish.  The matchy matchy feel of this top and trousers with the silky feel reminds me of pajamas too.  So comfortable.


Feeling so Comfortable…

I was lucky enough that I was lent some amazing jewelry by Amaara Jewelry who make amazing one-off pieces that consist of vintage beads.  This really helped to set off the original theme of the Christian Wijnants pieces.


Amazing Accessories

The one thing I learnt about pajamas style dressing is that unlike in magazines or street style, you can rarely do scruffy otherwise it does look like you LITERALLY have just rolled out of bed.  Make up, accessories of course help but the essential is a pair of heels.  Your safest choice is to grab a great pair of stilettos.  Instantly makes the look go from scruffy to dressy.

I do not listen to my own advice and had only with me a pair of black boots but thankfully they were very high heeled and Gucci so though I could not run around HK with them, they did smarten up my look.


All About Heels…



My Summer Uniform… Silk Blouse, Shorts and Heels

It has been a long and sweaty HK summer as I found out recently.  I pretty much would shower and then leave the house and be promptly covered in sweat… TMI?  Probably but it was such a long summer.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the blue skies and the sun but the humidity?  That was a whole different situation.

I sweat… I sweat A LOT…yes once again probably not something to be admitting here when writing a fashion post but hey it is the truth, I cannot deny it but have to acknowledge and address said problem.  I found that wearing natural more breathable materials helped with the heat and I was lucky enough to come across some pieces that literally became my “summer uniform”.

If you know me then you know I love a good print so I was lucky enough to have encountered “Doll Memories”  which is an online brand based in HK which pretty much sell the cutest print tops that I know.  This (now sadly out of stock) rose printed shirt was and is a favourite of mine.  Worn with pretty much anything, it gives you a really feminine vibe without being too girly.  Also who knew…pastel and rose pink became my “thang”.


My Summer Uniform…


Going Girly with this Rose Print Silk Shirt


My Summer Uniform…

I can’t either stop talking about how much the haircut I received from Hamish Glianos at Paul Gerrard HK Salon made to my overall look.  Being such a supremely lazy person, it really passed the test when I could literally wash and go.  The divine Gab did my balyage hair colour.  Also GHD platinum hair tongs made straightening my hair super easy.


Short Hair Maketh the Difference…

Also as mentioned in previous posts, I pretty much used MAC make up for my total look from tinted moisturiser to lipstick.

Even as a curvy (I have admittedly put on a lot of weight) girl, I loved these denim shorts from local boutique Tiare.  Gutted they are out of stock but they are super comfy and easy to wear.  To lengthen my legs, I wore a pair of thrifted Dior heels and then ended up throwing a thrifted Alexander Wang bag.  The link between these two pieces is the texture of the leather (one being snakeskin and the other being mock-crocodile.)

This literally was my running around town uniform this summer, the proof being this was an unplanned look to shoot when I shot with Bryant at IFC one fine sunny day.  Unfortunately, due to my stuffing these pieces into my suitcase during shooting, they were a little rumpled but then on the other hand I am a little bit of a scruff so it kind of encapsulates me.  A good steam makes a difference though and these pieces looked pristine after a quick steam.


A Little Bit Rumpled but Ready To Go…

Thank you again to my dear Bryant for amazing photographs.  Also here are my suggestions to get a similar look…(that is if you want to get it of course!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.36.47 PM

“Purple Black” Silk Shirt from Doll Memories

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 3.54.49 PM

Donvina Shorts from Tiare

Or for proper denim shorts, I found a great pair online at Zalora which is cheap yet super cute.  I like the fact they are not “hot pants” and have a wider errr “bottom”.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.45.12 PM

So there you go… pretty much my uniform…

Feeling the Love- Birthdays

As I get older, no I do not want to reveal my age ( a lady never does that though I am not sure how ladylike I am!) but I have been feeling less and less keen to organise a big party for my birthday. Could it be that I also think that people might not attend? Hmmm…

So this year, for personal reasons too, I also did not feel like going out on the lash and”party”. Luckily for me, the W-Insider for HK’s W Hotel Charlie Lin was super sweet and made a last minute booking for me to have Sunday brunch at Kitchen.  I was also fortunate that 4 super sweet people without whom, my life might have become intolerable, found time to come and have Sunday brunch with me.

So, what to wear?  I decided that as it was my Birthday… I can wear my lovely floral crown which had been made for fellow fahion blogger Jasmine Smith’s birthday by the lovely Vanessa Lawson (an amazing DIY blogger).  Actually she still sells them at Glamourpods! Hey it’s my party so I can wear a floral red crown if I want to!!  Matching red heels from local brand Sleeh and finally a white with black polka dot dress (vintage of course) and my beloved Erbert Chong bag.

It was the perfect way for me to celebrate my low key birthday: with four amazingly cool people, lots of great food (hello all you can eat amazing buffet with loads of cured fish and fresh seafood and bottomless champagne!!)  Also the divine Charlie had made sure I received a great table which gave us a great view.  After a lot of food, champagne and laughter…I was presented with a surprise birthday dessert platter!!  Oh thank you W Hotel!

So I was full and had to roll out on my way home and then have an afternoon snooze to sleep off the food!!  But it really was a birthday that was perfect for me.  I also fell in love again with some vintage pieces and not so vintage pieces that I had not worn for a long time…


My Birthday “Cake”

Yes…I did share…


Hmm…will my wish come true?


The Amazing People who Shared My Birthday with Me!!


The Perfect End to the Meal…
(Bumping into Manager on Duty Stewart Chen!)

So the lesson to be learnt is the simple pleasures such as vintage clothing, nice heels and great food really are the finer things in life for this lady!  Oh WAIT…actually having great friends who have stuck by me and then last minute re-arranged their schedules to come join me for my Birthday Brunch…is the most important thing in life!!  Thank you guys and gals!