OUTFIT POST: THE Little Black…Jumpsuit

OK, my slightly silly mind goes down the gutter as I think of the acronym for this outfit post… the LBJ?  Yes, I went there.  Hey it is Friday, and we need a little romp (romper geddit?) for the weekend!  I know, yes I am being silly.  But all puns and smuttiness aside, the little black jumpsuit is a great alternative to the traditional little black dress (LBD) which is usually an essential in any woman’s wardrobe.

Once again, thanks to Reiss and Niin and my boo Bryant Lee for the help in getting this outfit post together.

I have to admit that I love a good jumpsuit but I usually tend to go for vintage with a pattern (I have a few loud florals, a rhinestone speckled one and a…gasp LEOPARD print one).  So when the Reiss ladies suggested a sleek lace topped black jumpsuit, I was a little hesitant.  It seemed to be a bit too a) fitted b) plain.  However, putting it on, I was surprised.  It was really flattering on the waist, the lace gave it an elegant touch and the fit made it ultra modern.  Added with Niin accessories and my vintage 1980s Valentino heels and a last minute addition of the hat…I was ready to go out and party! Unfortunately, I had nowhere to go.


This Fitted Jumpsuit from Reiss really pushed me out of my comfort zone…


My Billy Jean/Michael Jackson moment…Smooth Criminal anyone?


I was super shocked at how small my waist looked…


The vintage Valentino heels and Reiss Hat add a quirky touch…which you know I love…

The jumpsuit is like a little black dress, it is the perfect foil for accessories.  Once again I was wearing some awesome jewelry from Niin (http://niinstyle.com) which included a super sleek yet fun minaudière (it really is a masterpiece).

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.09.40 PM

Rio Shell Clutch fron Niin

Also I wore these amazing vintage Valentino heels with a rose detail which I bought from local vintage heaven Bang Bang 70s.  You know when you have a magical moment?  Well, I totally had a Cinderella moment with these heels…when they fitted me, I had to have them.  Also a nude pointed toe heel is super flattering and helps to lengthen my stubby legs!


These Valentino heels…dreamy.  Choose a nude heel to break up the black and help lengthen your legs.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.19.39 PM

The Nudist (in Nude!) by Stuart Weitzman worn by Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr and other A-List stars is a perfect alternative…


Amazing accessories from Niin add elegance but also texture to the Little Black Jumpsuit…


Hair was in a simple ponytail and make up really focused on my lips.  Once again using a great orange red for a modern touch.  Once again MAC cosmetics come to the rescue with fun lipsticks…I am currently lusting after “Dangerous”…the name sounds fun right?

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.27.27 PM

Lusting after “Dangerous” Lipstick by MAC.

I am also wary of foundations (too many white ghost faced photos in my history) that I am loving the BB or CC creams with the concealer palette also from MAC.  I was initially scared stiff of the concealer palette as it looked extra complicated but actually when you have to mix up shades, it gives you more options of shading (yes shading!).  I am also loving the Lightful C range from MAC and have been using the tinted cream with SPF 30 (so good for your sun awareness and for me sheer laziness!)

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.32.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.31.29 PM

My current make up favorites…great products from MAC.


Feeling Super Shy..Yes Me!

So go to a store and try the Manola jumpsuit or go online.  Trust me it is worth trying a black jumpsuit to give the twist on the classic little black dress.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.41.44 PM

Manola Black Jumpsuit from Reiss.

For more shopping info click back on my previous posts (sports luxe) and (palm trees).

OUTFIT POST: My version of “Sports Luxe”…

Ok, if I look up “Sports Luxe” in a fashion dictionary, I would totally be told off because this outfit post does not really reflect the true sports luxe items i.e. shorts, expensive yet not practical sports shoes, visor etc.


So when I google “SPORTS LUXE” this is what I come up with…

However, this is MY version of sports luxe because of the key item in the outfit post which is the sweatshirt style top I borrowed from Reiss Fall/Winter 2015 collection.  However the material is chiffon yet has a sporty graphic pattern with ribbed collar and cuffs.  So there you go so there I am defiant and saying this is my homage to sports luxe yet still with my twist of being colourful and wearable.


This Reiss Top is the Key Item for My Version of Sports Luxe…

It really is not my style to go casual unless I go complete slob like (you really do not want to hang around my neighbourhood at those times and yes I have had those times when I have bumped into people I know wearing some horrendous tracksuit bottoms or awful T-shirt and skirt/shorts combo.)  So sports luxe was always going to be a hard trend for me to completely pull off.

As you might have already guessed, I like mixing things up.  I also like to try outfits which I think could work for a woman my age and also be appropriate as work wear.  Reiss has always been a great brand to go to for modern professional work wear though I do think that the cutting can be a bit more slim fit than a brand such as Marks & Spencer.  However, hey a label is a label so as long as it fits me and I love how it looks than a size label is just a number.  It is hard and I still fall victim to it but seriously leave the size label issues aside if you can.  If the clothing fits and makes you feel good then buy it, love it and wear it.


Turning Japanese…with a little bow…how nostalgic (oh and my shoes look so pretty…)

I usually HATE body con (usually because most come as a dress form and it makes me look like a hooker as my boobs spill out) but this skirt also from Reiss was different.  It actually felt comfortable (a very important point for me) but also somehow flattered my lumps and bumps.  I have always been self aware of my lower half (rather chunky unfortunately) but this skirt which is like a pencil skirt version of a tube skirt with the right supporting banding is actually really flattering.  Also being a pencil skirt length makes it super appropriate for my age as well as being a possible item for any professional woman (was going to use working here but then thought people might get the wrong idea…working…geddit?)  Yes, I realize my sense of humour really does suck.


The Body Con Pencil Skirt is surprisingly flattering…


See?  Skirt makes me look relatively slim and I have to add a quirky touch with the hat!!!

So yes, the hat was a last minute pull and I think really added a quirky vintage touch to my outfit.  It is actually also from Reiss.


I am totally in LOVE with this hat…

Make sure that your shoes are heels as to give you extra height and lengthen your legs.  I loved these black suede shoes with the great wooden and gold metal heels.  Not only are they practical but they look and feel a lot more expensive than they really are.  (Remember Reiss in the UK is still “high street”.)


Heels are a Necessity…

So yes I love my accessories and this is what would theoretically make my outfit be able to transition from day to night.  I was lucky enough to borrow the floral clutch from KOTUR and the super girliness   of the bag is a nice contrast to the graphic lines and bold colour of the clothing.  Also the cocktail style rings (which I have used in previous posts) are simple but special enough to be day and night appropriate.  Well in my world they do.  I think keeping the stones both white and gold metalwork keeps it not so messy looking.


Yes I am holding a FLORAL clutch…super GIRLY!


I LOVE my ACCESSORIES…(KOTUR clutch, Niin Rings, Vintage Masai Mixed Metal Bracelets & Fairley Zodiac Bangle from the9thMusehk)


Accessories CLOSE UP…


Loving how versatile my short hair is…

Hair and make up still very simple.  Hair tied back with a piece at the front to face frame and also simple black liner and a pop of colour on the lips.

So there you go… can I get away with calling it sports luxe?  😛


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.30.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.31.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.31.33 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.33.58 PM

ALL FROM REISS (the skirt is currently on SALE)  I went to the Reiss HK flagship store in IFC:

SHOP 1098A

RINGS FROM NIIN (http://niinstyle.com):
200 Hollywood Road
Shop E, (entrance on Pound Lane)

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Fairley Zodiac Bangle12/F, Unit 1204,
One Lyndhurst Tower,
No.1 Lyndhurst Terrace,
Central, Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.49.06 PM

“MORELEY FLOWERS CLUTCH” From KOTUR (www.koturltd.com):

Shop G-13B, G/F.,
SOGO TST, Sheraton Hotel Shopping Centre,
20 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

 Photos by my darling Bryant Lee (www.bryantleee.com)


When I was younger…Just joking I will not start with that….

So where was I?   Firstly, thank you again to the talented Bryant Lee for this second outfit post shooting.  He called this the “professional look” so I apologise for some truly cheesy poses where I try to copy boss lady/corporate poses and head shots.  (Yes a bit cringeworthy) but the intentions were pure…the idea was to show you can be feminine, wear colour and print (with a bit of intentional clashing) and still be work appropriate.


Would You Trust Your Finances to THIS FACE?  (No answers please…)

It is so easy to stick to dark grey, blacks and if you are lucky navy for your work wardrobe palette.  Yes it is the safe route to go and to be honest you can not go THAT wrong (do not make me eat my words!) with suits and shift dresses in those colours.  However, a question…would it not make you start your day with a smile on your face if you could add some colour to your work outfit?   Now, do not get me wrong, there are times when colour and patterns may not be appropriate.  I am not recommending lawyers to go and get a lipstick red suit or powder blue one and rock it to attend a serious High Court proceeding.  There are certain protocols and traditions that even this colour and pattern obsessive respects.


I Feel Lady Like Yet Office Appropriate … The colours and prints also make me happy…


Fit, Silhouette and Proportions Are KEY…

As I get older, I truly have learnt to embrace colour and print…I am lucky I guess that in my current role, I do not have to be so traditional in my workwear.  However, I believe any professional woman can add a little bit of print and/or colour to their wardrobe and still be taken seriously.  (Looking back, though I love it, my purple trouser suit might have been a bit too much of a throwback to Prince but hey you live and learn…right?)


Just so you get a rough idea…but it was more fitted OK?

Anyway, if I was going to give any advice (and this is just from my own personal observations, mistakes and experiences and should not be considered to be gospel because HEY I am not an EXPERT!); then here is what I would say.

1)  Silhouette and Fit ARE IMPORTANT

If you are going to go for a loud colour and/or print (do it be adventurous!) then make sure the fit of the garments is right.  With anything that is ahem eye catching, if it is badly fitted you will just look like a hot (and not in a good way) scruffy colourful printed mess.  Stick to a streamlined silhouette (this kind of goes with the fit hence why I have put them together) and for example go for a pencil skirt (always a safe silhouette as can be super chic and lady like) or fitted trousers.  Too baggy trousers unless you are a supermodel, will make you look unpolished and is more suitable for casual outfits.  Though the neoprene skirt has a drape in my outfit post, it is still a pencil skirt silhouette so keeps it looking polished (hopefully) and professional.


My serious face….?  This Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Skirt has a drape front but is still a pencil skirt silhouette and the orangey red is so on trend at the moment…

2)  Invest in Prints…

I cannot remember where I read it (if I remember I will edit and add the link) but fashion editors are right that you should spend a bit more if you are going to go for a print.  This Doll Memories printed silk blouse (http://www.doll-memories.com) is may be a tiny bit on the pricier side of my price range but you definitely are getting your money’s worth.  The print (whimsical cosmetics print) is detailed and crisp and clear on the silk.  The colour of the blouse is bright and consistent.  Not to be a snob, but printed clothing that is at a lower price range really can look cheap and would not probably pass muster for work.  Also it can look a little junior as well.

3) Keep Everything Else Simple…

With your clothing doing all the talking, keep accessories simple.  I focused on my wrists and fingers (accessories same as previous post) and kept it to one metal scheme…gold.  I avoided adding too much jewelry as it can just be a bit too much.  My hair is kept back in a pony tail and make up is quite simple.  A small cat’s eye and well I love my lip colour so an almost matching orangey red lipstick from MAC (matching to my skirt) are all that is needed.


4)  Proportions

If you are going to play the colour and print game, then definitely pay attention to the proportions.  Simply put in my case I made sure that my skirt goes slightly below the knee and also rolling my sleeves up emphasises the skinniest part of my arm aka my wrists.


Something about a great pair of heels does complete an outfit.  Now do not go crazy and add glitter, bows or unwalkable heels (ideally not open toe either…strangely enough I find it really not professional looking even if your toes are beautifully pedicured.)  I was lucky that Voltage PR gave me this amazing pair of paint splattered snakeskin pump heels from Andrew Kayla.  They added a really nice contrast to my outfit and are actually quite comfortable.  The heel is not super high and the pointed toe helps to elongate my legs and make my ankles look relatively slim… A BIG YES in my book….




Anyway…have fun…experiment and you WILL find the right mix…

Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

I am not sure if you have been following my Instagram (if not WHY NOT? Hee Hee) lately but you might have noticed a slight change to my appearance.  Gone are the long straggly locks ( those who know me KNOW I hate getting my hair cut as I never know what to ask for.)  Now I have above the shoulder hair locks, scary at first but I am loving the new shorter hairstyle.  It was true…”the first cut was the deepest…”  Cheesy I know but it really was that initial snip and I did utter a little gasp as it was a shock to see HOW MUCH hair was cut off.  Your mind accepts that you are getting your hair cut but the actual reality of it becomes a physical shock to the system.  It was like “Oh my God…there is no going back now”.  I had to complete the hair cut, it was not like they could stick it back on if I shrieked “I changed my mind!”  I have to admit I had always smirked and sniggered when watching the top model reality shows when they come to the make over episode.  There is always one girl who freaks out.  Cynical me always thought “this is not the first series, you should realize what is coming…”  However, I now understand it can be a shock even if you expect it.



Yes, I did mock but now I understand… Anyway, lets go into a few more details… Paul Gerrard HK has a new director who already runs a successful salon in Australia.  Hamish Glianos loves cutting asian hair which is a god send to me.  Paul Gerrard have been wonderful to me, teaching me about skin care and also now responding to my hair SOS.  They truly seem to be a friendly and the atmosphere is really friendly and chilled.  The addition of the new director has not made any difference to the family atmosphere. OK so yes, I had a chop.  It was more than I expected but in the long run it has been a blessing.  Hamish advised just above the shoulders and also to have the cut at the back shorter than the front. The front would have some face framing layers which would help me with my fear of round face.  I can theoretically blow dry it straight or keep it wavy like my natural hair is.  Or using the GHD curve wand and add more volume whilst also giving me more curls/waves. OK so tada…here are the results?

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.49.23 PMUsing a GHD Hair Curve Wand to try to style my new hair do…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.44 PMWith Salon Manager Vanessa after my amazing new hair do…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.58 PMWith the Man behind the Cut… Paul Gerrard HK’s New Director – Hamish Glianos

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.01 PM

It passed my errr “low maintenance test” I can tie it back and still look relatively decent…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.22 PM

Big Hair –  AKA OPTIONS!  Rob Resnick from GHD Hair HK gives me a 101 to show me short hair does not mean boring hair!

You know I was enamored with my new shorter hair do if I a) buy hair products straight away (EVO dry shampoo and sea salt spray FYI) and I actively ask for hair styling options (apart from tying my hair back).  Thankfully Rob Resnick, the managing educator for GHD Hair HK/Asia was on hand to give me some tips and errr dangerously gave me freedom to play with HEATED HAIR IMPLEMENTS!!!  Yes dear readers, I was dangerously waving hot styling irons around my face and hair.  Thankfully the GHD Curve Curl Wand is easy enough to use even for a dummy like me.  Hey I even made it on the HK Tatler website for the first time so I must have done something right!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.38.39 AM

So here are the details:

Paul Gerrard HK Hair Salon (Hamish Glianos cut my hair)
Pottinger Street

Tel: 2869 4408





Yes you heard correctly…I am talking about wearing navy and peach leopard print…before you run screaming from your laptop, think about it carefully.  It can actually work especially if the peach is kinda more orangey due to the leopard pattern. Exhibit One for the Defense:

Victoria Beckham Silk And Wool Blend Blue Orange Dress

If Victoria says ok then who are we to say no? Ok so back to me.  This trip was supposed to be one where I would take a whole load of outfit posts. I had some lovely brands Pedro Garcia (thank you 852West), Vamastyle and Niin to work with.  You might also see that I am currently obsessed with the textures at the park and really made me appreciate the amazing pieces I was allowed to wear (even on an unplanned outfit post).


Yes I am wearing Navy and Peach Leopard and Stripes! Esley Navy Top (Polkadot Boutique), Menorquitas (Spanish Shoes HK), Bracelet (Niin)

At this park I was obsessed with the different textures of the plants, the rock formed from trees.  So apologies for the playing around with product shots.


Niin in Nature


Amazing Rock Formations…

marble rock2

Trees Turning Into Rock…

bag corner

Amazing Details of the Pedro Garcia Tote


The Perfect Summer Tote… from Pedro Garcia (perforated leather…AMAZING)


More Navy and Peach…


Gutted that the matching sandals from Pedro Garcia did not have my size in the press samples (I felt like Cinderella’s ugly step sister who was that desperate she considered cutting off parts of her feet)

dream satin sneakers

Alternative would have been the amazing satin sneakers from the same Pedro Garcia S/S2015 collection.

Ok that is it for now…lesson to be learnt…embrace colour!

The Need for Change? Facials and Hair and Lifestyle? (Part 1 Facials)

I have been in a bit of a funk recently with looks wise.  If you know me (and I put my hands up) I simply am very lazy, incompetent and indecisive about skin care and my hair.  I do not do facial masks on a regular basis (yes I am that lazy) and the idea of going to the spa for regular facial treatments kind of give me goose bumps due to the usual immediate pressure to buy package deals.  (I understand that in the long run they might end up cheaper but call me a commitment-phobe with beauty and hair routines!)

Imagine my surprise when I came across a long established hair and skincare company called Paul Gerrard.  Situated right on Pottinger’s Street, in the middle of Soho, it fits with low key cool.  The main building is where the hair cutting and skin treatments are done but hold your horses guys…there is a barber’s (with an awesome retro look) right next door.  What made me relax was that it actually was a family business, Paul cuts hair, his mum has a jewelry store above the barber’s store (more later in another post) and the therapists and stylists have worked for years with him.  The tea lady is an institution and makes the meanest and tastiest coffee…

Ok back to facing my fears….I met a therapist called Gladys who was very welcoming.  I loved the simplicity of the spa…it felt cozy even though it was white.  I guess because most clients were long term clients and so the vibe was almost of friends.  Gladys led me to the treatment room  which is simple and strangely relaxing in its simplicity…no lots of pictures with price lists everywhere (eek a nightmare of mine).

Processed with VSCOcam

BEFORE: The Lighting was flattering…but my face was red and itchy and dirty…you could not see the blackheads…  😦

After double cleansing my face with Dermalogica products, the scary white light was switched on and she examined my face.  Gladys explained that the red patches I had been experiencing is probably due to my insufficient skincare routine (i.e my laziness) and a need to improve on my cleaning (double clean ideally) and to use the right face exfoliant.  The reason my skin was feeling red and irritated was because the dead skin was not been exfoliated away so the serums etc was not sinking into the skin where it needed the most.  Also my blackheads were pretty “established” (I cringed) due to my ad hoc cleaning routines.  She gave me a skin peel which came from a more for mature skin range for Dermalogica but she reassured me that everything else I can pretty much use the normal skin care.  After all the skin peels and extractions (removing blackheads), the mask was put on and I was given a lovely little facial massage as well as a tiny neck and shoulders one.

The end results…gone are the annoying dry irritating bits and a smoother skin with a gentle glow.  I am beginning to understand the need for proper skincare… FINALLY.

Processed with VSCOcam

Excuse the Spa Hair…But my skin felt soft, clean and blackhead free!!  I actually felt good within my skin.

To be honest, I felt great and now I understand the need to keep my skin clean (sounds like I was really grimy but I tended to take short cuts).  Also as I get older, I need to take care of my skin so just simply knowing I need to use the right products for the right uses is valid.  Gladys was great in answering any questions about products.  Also to get my used to cleaning and exfoliating, Gladys gave me samples of the two key products to try and to get into a mini routine.

Two things that excited me about the range of products that Paul Gerrard offers:

1)  The real St Tropez Fake Tan Range…

2) Black Chicken Organic Skincare

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 8.18.03 PM

Thank you Gladys for being gentle with me…I am trying and am becoming a convert to getting facials done at establishments.  If they are as relaxing and cozy as Paul Gerrard,  I am a fan.

P.S.  You know it is a good facial when deep down dirt in my skin is coming through as spots…the treatment was that good!!

Here are the details:

1st and 2nd floor
Wah Hing House
35 Pottinger Street
Central Hong Kong

+852 2869 4408
+852 3759 5698

Reception hours are from:

9.30am – 7pm Monday, Tuesday
9am – 9pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
9am – 7pm Saturday


I have no shame…I need help with my hair!!

Do not laugh but with the HK weather and my incompetence…I need a HAIR SOS…