Why can’t Women wear Maternity Brands when they are not pregnant?

I guess the question for most women would be “Why would women wear such brands when they are not?”

Well, I unashamedly have bought maternity wear and yes it is because I have put on a lot of weight but also well, I like some of the clothing and that’s really the most important thing.  What do you thin?

HK based (though they do world wide shipping) maternity wear brand Mayarya have actually been a favourite of mine since I met the founder Reika Shetty.  When she was pregnant in HK, she realised there simply were not many options that were either a) affordable b) decent quality and c) were clothes you WOULD want to wear.  Hence she solved the problem and Mayarya was born.  The concept is that the pieces can be worn before, during pregnancy and after you give birth.  Originally, they imported a lot from elsewhere but now they have an in house styling team.

So what are some of the reasons that I like Mayarya?  I’e found that first of all – I like the clothes.  Then, well because it is maternity and I am a curvy girl (I have a big bust), the cutting is better for me.  For example, tops seem to be a bit longer and if you are a busty girl, well you know those few extra inches can prevent you from flashing your tummy or your backend.  Personally, that would and is not my favourite look.

Let me show you some of my current favourite pieces from Mayarya (still available so have added links)…

  1. Bow Sleeved Off the Shoulder Top – HK$630


I have always wanted to wear off the shoulder however, most styles though lovely are either cropped or tied at the waist and therefore (on a good day) would make me look like some serving wench at Oktoberfest.  This one does not, it is longer an more of a tunic style but also the bow sleeve detail on the sleeves is super cute (tip:double knot) and also the shorter sleeve length is very flattering and highlights the slimmer part of your arms.  I have had people ask where to get this top and also people mentioning they wished it also came in black (yes please!) and my personal request – a navy version too.

2.  Fluted Sleeve Maternity & Nursing Dress  – HK$880


This comes in navy and black.  I just found the sleeves a fun little detail.  Dress is extremely lightweight ad comfortable to wear.  The nursing zip access is barely noticeable so for ladies like me, it does not look out of place (such easy access could damage a girl’s reputation don’t you know?  Ha! Ha!)

3.  Ponte Dress in Orange – HK$870



HOW can you not smile at the colour of this dress?  An A-line cut means it is flattering on most figures and well the colour really is the great point of this dress.  Also the material is super comfortable.

So there you go – don’t be put off by a label “maternity wear” also for soon to be moms, do check out Mayarya.  They’ve got a pretty good following of fashionista moms!

P.S.  This is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to love supporting local brands when I can, I also simply love the pieces I chose to write about above.



You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound…s tooth…What I wore today…

Sorry, another cheesy attempt at wit.  Today’s title is of course based on the Elvis song ” Hound Dog”.  The reason is pretty obvious, the focus of my outfit today is the wonderful print Houndstooth.  The definition is a duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes.  (Thank you Wikipedia.)  As you might have seen by my previous posts, I love prints.

A sample of the classic black and white Houndstooth print

You might also remember that I recently waxed lyrical about the HK based designer R.I. by Carrie who has some incredible printed leggings which I wish I could wear however I am never sure if prints on leggings will provide too much emphasis on how “stout” my legs are.  I was happy to find out that she had a clothing collection too with an amazing houndstooth print in various scales and colours.  My favourite was a mullet skirt (shorter in front longer at the back like the horrid mullet hair style) in black, dark grey and a lavender type blue (sorry not sure how else to describe it, I should check the Pantone colour matching system.)  I also liked another one in a holographic pink, grey green print but that one proved a bit too shiny and made me look a bit too much like a foil wrapped potato on my lower half.  ( A note to oneself, tight reflective clothing on the lower half is not very flattering…)  The darker print option though still short and fitted was actually quite wearable.  I was surprised that I managed to fit into something made by a HK designer as usually I find it hard/near impossible to find things in HK to fit me.  I was a little bit apprehensive as the skirt is on the short side but I decided to take the risk and thought that with black opaque tights, I should be fine.  Also the longer length at the back should protect my modesty!

Today’s outfit…notice the houndstooth print and the mullet hem of the R.I. by Carrie skirt

So today was the day to try this puppy out (sorry to keep on using the “dog” terminology) and so I paired the skirt with thick black opaque tights and one of my favourite going out tops.  The top was featured in a previous post regarding HK brand Marco Visconti but I want to talk about it again.  A racer back black top in a silky material, the “Adrina” top is great for evenings out.  I have paired it with skinny jeans, shorts and now a skirt.  I love this top because it is incredibly comfortable to wear (I also bought it on sale!) and also because of the length of the top.  I always find it difficult to find tops that are long enough for me to keep it tucked in or for it not to ride up when I sit down and therefore flash parts that I do not necessarily want to show.  I think it is because I am quite a “busty gal” and so a top that would normally fit has extra yardage of material taken up by my chest area hence the “shorter” length.  Just in case I was going to be cold, I wore my faithful black leather Zara jacket.

Adrina Top by Marco Visconti

The whole ensemble with my black leather Zara jacket

As you can see in the pictures, I have accessorized.  As I do still love Marks & Spencer, I had to add one piece of M&S to my outfit.  I have been wearing this pair of navy snake-skin heels a lot recently.  I bought them a few years ago and surprisingly they have lasted as I am incredibly tough on my heels.  The navy colour keeps them as easy to match with outfits as most black shoes and there is enough piping detail and the snake-skin print to keep them interesting.  (I have them in the nude snake-skin too!)  I decided to go a little bit punky with my accessories and so stacked two silver bracelets (I am starting to like stacking bracelets or necklaces due to the inspiration of other bloggers) and one of them was a great spiky cuff which I bought from a market stall in Central of all places.  I also wore my lovely Tiffany silver bamboo ring (a gift from my godmother) and a silver beetle ring from HK brand Sleeh.  As for the necklace choice, I chose to wear a silver headhunter tassel necklace from Barnett (another HK brand).  This necklace I had ordered from Barnett directly but it got lost in the post so I never bought it from Barnett directly.  I somehow (it must be fate) found one online and bought it second-hand.

Navy snake-skin heels from M&S


Tiffany bamboo ring, beetle ring from Sleeh and silver bracelets for stacking

Barnett headhunter tassel necklace

I don’t usually like to mix gold and silver together but I do love my GLUSH black tweed and gold Oops clutch.  It is such a great size for carrying everything and also being a clutch (so I can be on trend!).


Another picture of the whole outfit

So there you have it…my outfit for today.  Even as a curvy girl, it is ok to wear short skirts.  I think choosing a dark colour and pairing the skirt with black opaque tights helps to give you confidence in wearing something like this.  Also I love how this skirt is fitted at the waist so gives me a trimmer waistline.  One of these days, I will post a picture of me wearing these outfits… (2013 resolution).

I am not sure why but it may be because of the skulls, spikes and beetle details of my accessories but I want to finish with a quote from the graphic novelist Frank Miller.  It is rather a grim quote but I do love that sort of genre:

“The noir hero is a knight in blood caked armor. He’s dirty and he does his best to deny the fact that he’s a hero the whole time.”
Frank Miller