Why can’t Women wear Maternity Brands when they are not pregnant?

I guess the question for most women would be “Why would women wear such brands when they are not?”

Well, I unashamedly have bought maternity wear and yes it is because I have put on a lot of weight but also well, I like some of the clothing and that’s really the most important thing.  What do you thin?

HK based (though they do world wide shipping) maternity wear brand Mayarya have actually been a favourite of mine since I met the founder Reika Shetty.  When she was pregnant in HK, she realised there simply were not many options that were either a) affordable b) decent quality and c) were clothes you WOULD want to wear.  Hence she solved the problem and Mayarya was born.  The concept is that the pieces can be worn before, during pregnancy and after you give birth.  Originally, they imported a lot from elsewhere but now they have an in house styling team.

So what are some of the reasons that I like Mayarya?  I’e found that first of all – I like the clothes.  Then, well because it is maternity and I am a curvy girl (I have a big bust), the cutting is better for me.  For example, tops seem to be a bit longer and if you are a busty girl, well you know those few extra inches can prevent you from flashing your tummy or your backend.  Personally, that would and is not my favourite look.

Let me show you some of my current favourite pieces from Mayarya (still available so have added links)…

  1. Bow Sleeved Off the Shoulder Top – HK$630


I have always wanted to wear off the shoulder however, most styles though lovely are either cropped or tied at the waist and therefore (on a good day) would make me look like some serving wench at Oktoberfest.  This one does not, it is longer an more of a tunic style but also the bow sleeve detail on the sleeves is super cute (tip:double knot) and also the shorter sleeve length is very flattering and highlights the slimmer part of your arms.  I have had people ask where to get this top and also people mentioning they wished it also came in black (yes please!) and my personal request – a navy version too.

2.  Fluted Sleeve Maternity & Nursing Dress  – HK$880


This comes in navy and black.  I just found the sleeves a fun little detail.  Dress is extremely lightweight ad comfortable to wear.  The nursing zip access is barely noticeable so for ladies like me, it does not look out of place (such easy access could damage a girl’s reputation don’t you know?  Ha! Ha!)

3.  Ponte Dress in Orange – HK$870



HOW can you not smile at the colour of this dress?  An A-line cut means it is flattering on most figures and well the colour really is the great point of this dress.  Also the material is super comfortable.

So there you go – don’t be put off by a label “maternity wear” also for soon to be moms, do check out Mayarya.  They’ve got a pretty good following of fashionista moms!

P.S.  This is NOT a sponsored post, I just happen to love supporting local brands when I can, I also simply love the pieces I chose to write about above.



STRIPping It Down…

Yes I know that it is nearing the end of Summer but this year HK’s Summer has gone well passed August (my birthday month hint hint) and is set to give us some Summer heat well into September. So yes that means that if you wish to enjoy the HK junks and laze by the pool to top up that tan then here you go…yes you need to wax.

A deeply personal subject due to the area concerned but also (now excuse the pun as it is intended) but the butt of many jokes due to reality TV dramas like The Only Way is Essex… vajazzles anyone?

So I have been in HK for a good few years now and well I have been to a variety of places – some good and some eye wateringly bad. I am not going to name and shame those places but well, it was painful.

I was lucky recently to get the chance to visit STRIP which is an international chain of hair removal services started up by a female genius. She recognised the need for professionals who can make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. Also to make the experience as (yes I hate to say it) PLEASURABLE as possible. To achieve this end, each STRIP has its own individual theme in decor. The one I visited looked a bit like some sort of artist haven. No one STRIP has the same decor. Also the STRIP therapists are TRAINED. They could have had training at other establishments but before they are even allowed to have their first day at a STRIP establishment, all have to go to Singapore to the STRIP HQ for some long and intensive training. From the basics to the more finer techniques of hair removal. They are tested constantly until the teachers are satisfied that the therapists are up to STRIP‘s high standards. My therapist told me that the course is so intense, people have been known to drop out. I guess you could call it the hair removal version of SEAL training.

This of course reassured me completely and what sealed the deal was that my lovely therapist also added that there are routine tests to ensure that each STRIP therapist does not get lazy and cut corners and maintains their STRIP standards.

Well, let me just say I was impressed. Not only was the venue cute and fun but my therapist was an expert and had me waxed in no time. Efficiency at its finest. I would definitely recommend this place to any nervous about waxing ladies.

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Whilst you are there, go to the sister store BROWHOUSE which offers quick and friendly eye brow shaping and upper lip hair removal.  I was thoroughly impressed by that place too.



7/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
T +852 2845 0838


9/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
T +852 2845 0822

Monday to Fri: 11:00 to 21:00
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10:00 to 20:00


Urban Bohemian with Madison Harding (HK-Style)

Urban Bohemian with Madison Harding
I have already mentioned that I love Polyvore.  It is such a great tool for creating collages and wishlists.  I also love the fact that it also organises competitions which gives you some posting inspirations.  I also am able to discover brands which I might not ordinarily be exposed to.  A case in point is the brand Madison Harding – they produce amazing footwear.  The theme for this Polyvore competition is “Urban Bohemian”…a perfect theme to be inspired by the city where I live – Hong Kong.

T By Alexander Wang silk top
$155 – theoutnet.com

$93 – marksandspencer.com

True Religion black skinny jeans
$260 – flannelsfashion.com

Madison Harding heeled booties

Wooden bangle

Pave jewelry

Giani green bracelet
$47 – thehut.com