Wedding Guest Outfits…

As you get to a certain stage in your life; the people you went to school and university with, work with, socialise with and your family; well they all start getting married.  Obviously, I am happy for them but there is a sinking feeling in that petty little piece of me that says “Oh gosh…what will I wear?”  Also, if you are one of the lucky ones and receive a lot of wedding invites then the next question is “How many outfits do I need?”

Be like HRH Duchess of Cambridge and recycle your wardrobe.  That dress that you bought for one special occasion can be worn to another celebration.  All you need and this sounds so simple – rework the accessories that you wear with it.  This includes jewellery, shoes, handbags and how you style your hair and make up.  You can get plenty of wear out of that core investment piece.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.00.27 PM.png

HRH Duchess of Cambridge shows how it is done

I had a recent opportunity to work with a HK based brand called The House of Folklore and one of the pieces that they had was a clutch that came in two different colours.  We thought as wedding season was coming, why not do a piece about how simply changing a clutch could change up an outfit.

In this case, I chose one of my go to dresses for pretty much any occasion (from first dates to working at PR events)  which in this case would be a wedding reception of a colleague.  These, I tend to go a bit more low key so the navy wrap dress from HK label WhattheFrock?.  Navy is a great alternative to black.  The cap sleeves makes sure you are covered and also for me, the wrap dress means that with fluctuating body sizes, the dress can still be worn.

Hair in this case was left simple and loose however, though we did not have time in this shoot, I would look at even just putting my hair up in a pony tail or a chignon.  If it was an outdoor wedding especially with the clear version of the clutch I would even look at wearing a fascinator.

Here is the look with the pink version of the Flutter Clutch.

Wedding street style.jpg

And here is a shot of the same outfit with the clear version of the clutch:

Flutter at Coffee shop.jpg


Outfit Post: A simple black and white dress…

If you know me…you know I LOVE colour.  So this post is a bit of a different one for me as I am showcasing basically a black and white dress.  It is also a more feminine look than I really go for with a high neckline and an A-line skirt.  The dress was from Marks & Spencer and was paired with a pair of mules also from Marks.  I was lucky that the lovely Sabrina Sikora pushed me into wearing mules (I always looked at them with an eye brow raised) and well they were peep toe too which makes me go EEK even more (I have to keep a decent pedicure on those tootsies).  However, they ARE super comfortable and pretty much went with every outfit I had during the summer of 2015.  Also a heel that you can walk around in in HK?  SOLD.  Thankfully Marks & Spencer have reproduced them this Spring 2016.  They obviously know a good thing when they see it.  Shame though that they did not reproduce the navy version (gutted I didn’t get those last year).  For other options on the mule shape…check out Australian brand SENSO (they ship to HK!) from closed toe, open toe to various shades of animal print (cue heart emojis at this point).


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 2.14.28 PM.png

Senso Mules…

The dress I am wearing in this outfit post is from Summer 2015 for Marks & Spencer.  However the shape is classic and super flattering for most silhouettes.  For curvy girls like me, a nipped in waist helps give you a nice shape and though sleeveless, it is easy to cover up your bingo wings with a little cardigan (or just own the said bingo wings like I do).  I have found local brand WHAT THE FROCK?  to be a great affordable option.  No pattern but coming in a multitude of colours which adds personality to your outfit!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.26.20 PM.png

What the Frock ‘French’ Dress in Pink

I have heard from a professional matchmaker that such a dress like this is perfect for a first date.  It is feminine, fashionable (without being too fashion aka scary) and has scope via the colour and the accessories you add to it to make it your own personal style.




So there you go…dresses that do not have crazy prints can be a good thing…

Thanks as always to Bryant for making me look semi decent in photos, that boy is a miracle worker and super talented.


Homage to Christian Wijnants and Pajamas Dressing

So this set of photos are long overdue to be posted as they were from LAST YEAR.  However, it seemed timely since Christian Wijnants was in town recently to celebrate a stand alone store to unearth these pictures that were taken by the talented Bryant (  This was the first time we shot in a store (as there were only limited numbers of the Christian Wijnants pieces in the EQ:IQ stocks).  Usually, the natural lighting in IFC with Bryant’s camera creates some magical glow that makes me look relatively decent (shocking huh?)



First Time Shooting in a Store with Bryant (the sales thought I was crazy lady)

When I saw the press preview of this Christian Wijnants 2015 collection, I fell in love with this print.  I am not usually a fan of dark green but the blue and pink of the print makes it fresh, playful and feminine.  The collection had been based on African farmers and the way they used what was available around them to create their clothing…this meant interesting use of print, textures and being inspired even by what we would normally consider to be rubbish.  The matchy matchy feel of this top and trousers with the silky feel reminds me of pajamas too.  So comfortable.


Feeling so Comfortable…

I was lucky enough that I was lent some amazing jewelry by Amaara Jewelry who make amazing one-off pieces that consist of vintage beads.  This really helped to set off the original theme of the Christian Wijnants pieces.


Amazing Accessories

The one thing I learnt about pajamas style dressing is that unlike in magazines or street style, you can rarely do scruffy otherwise it does look like you LITERALLY have just rolled out of bed.  Make up, accessories of course help but the essential is a pair of heels.  Your safest choice is to grab a great pair of stilettos.  Instantly makes the look go from scruffy to dressy.

I do not listen to my own advice and had only with me a pair of black boots but thankfully they were very high heeled and Gucci so though I could not run around HK with them, they did smarten up my look.


All About Heels…




Cobalt – a chemical element with the atomic number of 27 or  a cool blue colour.  Strangely enough though, this colour like its name evokes energy, movement… electricity.  Even warmth.  In fashion, the colour has been around for a while and for us Oriental ladies it is a great shade to wear.  Actually scratch that … for any lady to wear.  I have not seen one lady wearing cobalt who does not look good and hey its definitely more interesting than wearing a black dress.  The colour just seems to brighten the complexion so for us sallow complexion ladies…(like me it is a blessing).

As I am in an adventurous mode, I stepped away from the safe zone of a LCD (little cobalt dress…I have a gorgeous one from local label What the Frock? but wanted to push it and show the current trend of matchy matchy tops and bottoms.  I found a great pants and tops set from Marks & Spencer (warning the trousers are stretchy but can be very tight fitting!!) A word of warning here, check out the size above your normal size just in case as it might be a better fit.  No camel toe please!


COBALT COORDS…  This makes for a great change from a cobalt dress or even a trouser suit.  The top is smart enough and the trousers are sleek enough to look professional for work….


Excited for New Work Wear Options!!  Go Bold Go Blue Go Cobalt!

Another word of warning, with slim fitting trousers such as these and in such a bright colour, make sure you do not have the bottoms too long for you.  Ideally they should skim the ankles or just cover the ankles otherwise you have a lot of material in excess and fold ups do not help maintain the silhouette!


Does my BUM look big?  Simple accessories such as these sleek heels and my MISCHA black and white tote adds structure and balance to such a loud colourful piece…


With a top like this…do not do what I did, forget to tie the belt and pay attention to it.  This is definitely a DON’T shot as you can see that the belt half tied makes an otherwise polished look look sloppy…


My intention was to keep hair and accessories sleek to counterbalance my colourful clothing and also keep it work appropriate.

My hair (as you might have noticed) recently got cut and I have been wearing it curly.  However, for this shoot, I thought it would be nice to see how my new cut styles up when straightened.  I tried out the new GHD Platinum and they are awesome.  Hair was shiny and also easy to straighten.  Check them out (though they are pricey at around HK$2,500 per pop but much better than ruining your hair with cheaper imitations as my friend says…hair you wear with you every day!).  My bucket bag is from local favourite MISCHA and it really is a great city bag.  I put pretty much everything in it!!  I grabbed it in the warehouse sales but check out her current offerings to get something just as good.)


This MISCH Bucket Bag has been a perfect city bag…

Unfortunately or well fortunately for me, I got these awesome sleek heels from Badgley Mischka at a garage sale but here is a pair from Pedro Garcia’s Fall 2015 collection which would be a great alternative.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.40.55 PM

Pedro Garcia Heels from Fall 2015 collection.  Check here for stockists.

And one final thing…the COBALT COORDS!!  Yes they are from Marks & Spencer and you can get them in store or go online.

A big THANK YOU to Marks & Spencer for the outfit and of course to my boo Bryant Lee for the photographs.!

What is Normcore? I like to call it Normancore!

What is Normcore? I like to call it Normancore!
Hello Polyvore…It has been a while…
Yes, I know the trend and phrase “Normcore” has been around for a while and YES I am a bit behind the trend for writing this post about it now…  Well after reading the Wanderlister’s awesome article about Gap’s current advertising campaign in Asia to try and convince  the Chinese that it is not all about the bling bling but about the simplicity and quietness of norm core (apparently according to the Urban Dictionary it is “desire to fit in” or “the fear of standing out”).  In a society which is all about designer branding and thick gold chains (have you seen a Chinese bride?), it would be interesting to see how ex-COS Rebekka Bay’s vision for Gap translates into success here in HK.
GG_ADU14FA2C_Bobby258 GG_ADU14FA2C_Anjelica130 GG_ADU14FA2C_Anjelica130
Normcore a la GAP… (photos from Gap and via the Wanderlister)
As a vintage lover, the norm core trend originally had me perplexed as throw me a garish floral print in a jumpsuit or maxi skirt and I am a happy bunny.  How was this girl (who deliberately buys versace esque print shirts) fit in with the cool kids wearing this normcore thingy?  Yes, I used the word thingy…it is a word in my lexicon ok?
But then that lightbulb moment happened, as I reflected on my recent brand loves and purchases and realised subconsciously I was actually doing the normcore trend…A HA!  Yes, by slowly following scandi brands such as Won Hundred, Humanoid, Baum ind Pfundgarten, Filippa K etc…I was actually doing this whole normcore trend.  I have to admit, I love the comfort of the simple flats and the slouchy sweatshirts and t-shirt dresses…for me it was not necessarily a fashion choice but more a lazy oaf choice (shameful yes I know but I never really did consider myself a fashion blogger.”
Also, I am loving new HK online brand GRANA which has simple silk shirts and the softest cotton t-shirts on sale.  Also currently loving ecochic website’s A Boy Named Sue’s slouchy plain cotton sweatshirts.
So yes, inadvertently I am a normcore follower but deep down if you still offer me a loud garish print, my heart still belongs to the print…
On a final note, I would like to add that I prefer the term “Normancore” which was coined by Grazia to describe the normcore trend…I cannot directly quote the actual description (goddamn you cats for losing my copy of Grazia…yes I am using my cats as an excuse) but it goes something like this… “Imagine Norman from Accounts at a staff party…he is quiet and blends into the background…that is normcore or rather NORMANCORE”.
Now for all those people who work in accounting and accounts (I actually have friends who do) and the random Normans who may read this article…I apologise for any offence taken.  This really is just another random musing by myself and just a little bit of fun and anyway GRAZIA USED NORMANCORE FIRST!
Below is a list of the items I selected on Polyvore…sorry bit rusty as it has been a while…

Filippa K white shirt
$215 –

Humanoid brown coat

Y A S blue coat
$255 –

Filippa K super skinny jeans
$195 –

Filippa K black shoes
$250 –

Won Hundred camo shoes

Overdue: Feeble Attempt at OOTD, My Boy and I loving MISCHA Bags…oh and being in Greece!

Unfortunately, it has been decided to keep the wedding pics private! So sorry no talks about what the bride war but I can guarantee that she looked beautiful.

So yes, we got to see a bit of Greece (mainly near the Athens area due to the wedding venue.) IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!! Blue skies, lots of mythology and archeology for the geek in me to be satisfied and the food was jimmy pretty much everywhere.

I have not finished editing the pics but here are the some sneak peeks!


The Boy Started to Play around with the Camera… he probably understands more than I do!!


We decided to take the DSLR camera with us this trip in hopes our photography skills would improve and we would have some stunning pics and I could do some outfit posts.  Not sure how successful we were…



Standing Under a Tree as You Do…

Wearing Vintage Playsuit, Estate Sale Scarf from Norbyah and a MISCHA cross body…



Same Outfit but with the added bronze MISCHA overnight tote…

Yes as you can see these pictures were from the same day (I do change my clothes) and I don’t pose ladylike either.  MAJOR OOPS.

Also, you might have noticed the love of MISCHA going on here!!  Even the boy got into the action…



Yep, the boy likes this bag…


Good Bye L’Wren…

The fashion and entertainment world was devastated recently by the apparent suicide of L’Wren Scott – fashion designer and long-term partner of Mick Jagger, front man of The Rolling Stones. Rumours swirled around the reasons why she may have chosen to end her life: financial problems, bankruptcy and a potential split with Mick.

Despite the negative rumours, I really would love to celebrate her incredible sense of style – how elegantly and regally (some may considered it snooty and aloof) she carried herself. L’Wren had a great sense of style and she applied this innate understanding to her clients…the idea that a woman wants to look sexy and that sexy does not need to be about revealing everything. Something that some modern starlets should take note of (Miley Cyrus, Courtney Stodden and Lilo to name a few names.)




L’Wren in Happier Times Looking Stunning Next to Her Long Term Partner Mick Jagger…

L’Wren Scott obviously dressed for herself primarily.  She knew her limitation, her extreme height meant she was not able to wear too many high heels. Her signature silhouette became a very fitted sheath dress shape and using lots of rich materials such as embroidered fabrics, sequins and other embellishments that allowed her to remain stunning whilst growing old gracefully.

The designer understood that the key detail was to get her core dress structure right.  Once that was in place, the magic could happen.  Apparently she was such a perfectionist that she once ripped up 20 pairs of jeans and re-sewn them to create a pair for Mick that was just  right.  Her pursuit of perfectionism and her love of beautiful materials may have been a factor in her fashion house’s apparent financial woes.


L’Wren Scott – Her brand and Her Look was the epitome of class…


L’Wren wearing her signature dress… slim fitting, sexy but also elegant and luxe with the sequin finishings….

Celebrities recognised her talent and she became a go-to designer for many stars dressing for the red carpet.  Nicole Kidman was a consistent friend and fan of her designs. Nicole and L’Wren’s fashion partnership was successful as it celebrated Nicole’s slender frame but gave her a curvy statuesque look.  I never really imagined Nicole Kidman as anything less than slender and ethereal but in L’Wren Scott’s designs the actress looked like a glamourous woman who was proud of “vavavoom” curves and comfortable celebrating her success.


Bombshell Nicole wearing L’Wren at the 2013 Oscars…

Nicole Kidman in printnklw1

Other fantastic Nicole Kidman wearing L’Wren Scott red carpet moments…

However, it was not just gowns that L’Wren could do. L’Wren created stunning day or even cocktail wear as shown on Ms Kidman, Amber Rose and others…

Stoker - Special Screening

Less formal evening attire for a film promotional event…


 Ladylike Day Wear on Nicole Kidman (top) and Penelope Cruz (bottom)

Penelope lwren

Curvy ladies did not shy away from L’Wren’s designs.  Voluptuous actresses such as the gorgeous Penelope Cruz and the original “hourglass” woman Christina Hendricks were fans of her dresses.  Christina always admitted that she had a lot of problems finding red carpet dresses designers for her and that L’Wren was one of her favourites.

christina lwrenChristina Hendricks said ‘L’Wren’s clothes make you feel like a sexy pin-up’

My first proper immersion into L’Wren Scott’s world as a designer was when she guest -judged the finale for Season 9 of Project Runway US.  Her understanding of the various designers’ points of view and her appreciation of the amount work that went into the collection was gracious yet also constructive criticism.  My favourite line from her was regarding a sheer dress which she was not a big fan of…(sic) ‘…it doesn’t always have to be on display, sometimes a little bit left to the imagination can be exciting too….’  That one phrase made me love her and it is true.  There is no need to have everything out there and for me personally, I REALLY do not want all my bits on show for public eyes.

Her dresses are for both the more “mature” and young women to walk the red carpet in a glamourous, sexy and tasteful way.  In a picture above, L’Wren wore a dress which was also worn by young star of the moment Jennifer Lawrence.


Jennifer Lawrence in L’Wren Scott

I am going to end this tribute to this designer with my favourite L’Wren Scott dress moment: Amy Adams wearing a L’Wren Scott capped sleeved, high-necked navy blue sequinned dress to the 2011 Oscars.  The simple cut with the high shine of the sequins accessorized with loose waves and some beautiful emerald jewellery pieces, is, in my opinion, the epitome of class, elegance and that Hollywood style.

Goodbye L’Wren Scott.  I will miss the amazing creations that you would have designed in the future…

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