Outfit Post: A simple black and white dress…

If you know me…you know I LOVE colour.  So this post is a bit of a different one for me as I am showcasing basically a black and white dress.  It is also a more feminine look than I really go for with a high neckline and an A-line skirt.  The dress was from Marks & Spencer and was paired with a pair of mules also from Marks.  I was lucky that the lovely Sabrina Sikora pushed me into wearing mules (I always looked at them with an eye brow raised) and well they were peep toe too which makes me go EEK even more (I have to keep a decent pedicure on those tootsies).  However, they ARE super comfortable and pretty much went with every outfit I had during the summer of 2015.  Also a heel that you can walk around in in HK?  SOLD.  Thankfully Marks & Spencer have reproduced them this Spring 2016.  They obviously know a good thing when they see it.  Shame though that they did not reproduce the navy version (gutted I didn’t get those last year).  For other options on the mule shape…check out Australian brand SENSO (they ship to HK!) from closed toe, open toe to various shades of animal print (cue heart emojis at this point).


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 2.14.28 PM.png

Senso Mules…

The dress I am wearing in this outfit post is from Summer 2015 for Marks & Spencer.  However the shape is classic and super flattering for most silhouettes.  For curvy girls like me, a nipped in waist helps give you a nice shape and though sleeveless, it is easy to cover up your bingo wings with a little cardigan (or just own the said bingo wings like I do).  I have found local brand WHAT THE FROCK?  to be a great affordable option.  No pattern but coming in a multitude of colours which adds personality to your outfit!

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 4.26.20 PM.png

What the Frock ‘French’ Dress in Pink

I have heard from a professional matchmaker that such a dress like this is perfect for a first date.  It is feminine, fashionable (without being too fashion aka scary) and has scope via the colour and the accessories you add to it to make it your own personal style.




So there you go…dresses that do not have crazy prints can be a good thing…

Thanks as always to Bryant for making me look semi decent in photos, that boy is a miracle worker and super talented.



Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

I am not sure if you have been following my Instagram (if not WHY NOT? Hee Hee) lately but you might have noticed a slight change to my appearance.  Gone are the long straggly locks ( those who know me KNOW I hate getting my hair cut as I never know what to ask for.)  Now I have above the shoulder hair locks, scary at first but I am loving the new shorter hairstyle.  It was true…”the first cut was the deepest…”  Cheesy I know but it really was that initial snip and I did utter a little gasp as it was a shock to see HOW MUCH hair was cut off.  Your mind accepts that you are getting your hair cut but the actual reality of it becomes a physical shock to the system.  It was like “Oh my God…there is no going back now”.  I had to complete the hair cut, it was not like they could stick it back on if I shrieked “I changed my mind!”  I have to admit I had always smirked and sniggered when watching the top model reality shows when they come to the make over episode.  There is always one girl who freaks out.  Cynical me always thought “this is not the first series, you should realize what is coming…”  However, I now understand it can be a shock even if you expect it.



Yes, I did mock but now I understand… Anyway, lets go into a few more details… Paul Gerrard HK has a new director who already runs a successful salon in Australia.  Hamish Glianos loves cutting asian hair which is a god send to me.  Paul Gerrard have been wonderful to me, teaching me about skin care and also now responding to my hair SOS.  They truly seem to be a friendly and the atmosphere is really friendly and chilled.  The addition of the new director has not made any difference to the family atmosphere. OK so yes, I had a chop.  It was more than I expected but in the long run it has been a blessing.  Hamish advised just above the shoulders and also to have the cut at the back shorter than the front. The front would have some face framing layers which would help me with my fear of round face.  I can theoretically blow dry it straight or keep it wavy like my natural hair is.  Or using the GHD curve wand and add more volume whilst also giving me more curls/waves. OK so tada…here are the results?

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.49.23 PMUsing a GHD Hair Curve Wand to try to style my new hair do…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.44 PMWith Salon Manager Vanessa after my amazing new hair do…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.58 PMWith the Man behind the Cut… Paul Gerrard HK’s New Director – Hamish Glianos

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.01 PM

It passed my errr “low maintenance test” I can tie it back and still look relatively decent…

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.50.22 PM

Big Hair –  AKA OPTIONS!  Rob Resnick from GHD Hair HK gives me a 101 to show me short hair does not mean boring hair!

You know I was enamored with my new shorter hair do if I a) buy hair products straight away (EVO dry shampoo and sea salt spray FYI) and I actively ask for hair styling options (apart from tying my hair back).  Thankfully Rob Resnick, the managing educator for GHD Hair HK/Asia was on hand to give me some tips and errr dangerously gave me freedom to play with HEATED HAIR IMPLEMENTS!!!  Yes dear readers, I was dangerously waving hot styling irons around my face and hair.  Thankfully the GHD Curve Curl Wand is easy enough to use even for a dummy like me.  Hey I even made it on the HK Tatler website for the first time so I must have done something right!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 2.38.39 AM

So here are the details:

Paul Gerrard HK Hair Salon (Hamish Glianos cut my hair)
Pottinger Street

Tel: 2869 4408





Sorry Coldplay, had to quote from your classic song.

So I totally fell in love with these Dagmar culottes (yes am currently obsessed with culottes -who would have believed it?)  I loved the stormy mountain scene painted on it and knew that this was going to be a focal point for the outfit.  (Yes, there is a danger having attention on my thighs and crotch area but the print was so PRETTY!)  I was gutted that the matching shirt was unavailable in my size but looking back in hindsight, I think for my personal style, it may have been a bit too much.  (Too much print for moi you say?)

354A6633These Dagmar Culottes are AMAZING…

For the top.  I took a complete departure from my usual comfort zone.  I would generally pair these culottes with a simple black T or a black silk tank/shirt.  Vein kindly lent me some pieces which really encapsulate the sports luxe trend as they are made from stretchy jersey.  The jacket is also in a bright yellow which I was nervous about it as it was quite fitted especially around the arms but in fact I am happy Vein pushed me.  The jacket is also from Dagmar.  The big push for me was to wear the black singlet from BACK by Anna Sofie Back.  I have seen her brand on many of the big blogger including such people like Susie Bubble.  However, firstly, I am wary of something with a big strip of branding but also something that is super fitted.  In fact, it really is too much of the “street” style that I can never seem to get the hang of.

354A6609Pushing Myself Out of My Usual Comfort Zone was GOOD



354A6663Keep Accessories Simple

So what accessories?  I kept it all simple with my VOID watch, Filippa K black flats and bag by Baum und Pferdgarten.  The trousers and the colour palate of yellow is so much that I wanted some simple accessories to ground the outfit otherwise it could have been a hot Scandi mess!

354A6592Warning: Hot Scandi Mess Approaching!

All clothing and props apart from the lipstick (Thanks to MAC for my Heroine lipstick) and watch (VOID http://www.voidwatches.com) come from Vein in St Francis Yard.

Vein (address: Shop 301-302, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong telephone:2528-4988)

Vein on the Yard (address: 2 St Francis Yard, Wan Chai, Hong Kong telephone 2804-1038)

website: http://www.bvein.com

Photos once again by Bryant Lee (www.bryantlives.com)

STRIPping It Down…

Yes I know that it is nearing the end of Summer but this year HK’s Summer has gone well passed August (my birthday month hint hint) and is set to give us some Summer heat well into September. So yes that means that if you wish to enjoy the HK junks and laze by the pool to top up that tan then here you go…yes you need to wax.

A deeply personal subject due to the area concerned but also (now excuse the pun as it is intended) but the butt of many jokes due to reality TV dramas like The Only Way is Essex… vajazzles anyone?

So I have been in HK for a good few years now and well I have been to a variety of places – some good and some eye wateringly bad. I am not going to name and shame those places but well, it was painful.

I was lucky recently to get the chance to visit STRIP which is an international chain of hair removal services started up by a female genius. She recognised the need for professionals who can make the procedure as quick and painless as possible. Also to make the experience as (yes I hate to say it) PLEASURABLE as possible. To achieve this end, each STRIP has its own individual theme in decor. The one I visited looked a bit like some sort of artist haven. No one STRIP has the same decor. Also the STRIP therapists are TRAINED. They could have had training at other establishments but before they are even allowed to have their first day at a STRIP establishment, all have to go to Singapore to the STRIP HQ for some long and intensive training. From the basics to the more finer techniques of hair removal. They are tested constantly until the teachers are satisfied that the therapists are up to STRIP‘s high standards. My therapist told me that the course is so intense, people have been known to drop out. I guess you could call it the hair removal version of SEAL training.

This of course reassured me completely and what sealed the deal was that my lovely therapist also added that there are routine tests to ensure that each STRIP therapist does not get lazy and cut corners and maintains their STRIP standards.

Well, let me just say I was impressed. Not only was the venue cute and fun but my therapist was an expert and had me waxed in no time. Efficiency at its finest. I would definitely recommend this place to any nervous about waxing ladies.

1403070671736 1403070467343 1403070545162 1403070820288


Whilst you are there, go to the sister store BROWHOUSE which offers quick and friendly eye brow shaping and upper lip hair removal.  I was thoroughly impressed by that place too.



7/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
T +852 2845 0838


9/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
T +852 2845 0822

Monday to Fri: 11:00 to 21:00
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10:00 to 20:00


A “Summer” Walk in London…

So on the first few days of my visit with the boy in London, the weather was quite atrocious.  I stepped on the plane in HK, leaving behind warm, sticky and extremely humid weather (ideal mosquito weather) and stepped off the plane into what seemed like Winter weather.  Call me a drama queen but I was freezing.  Obviously, I was not a girl scout so was not prepared for such a chilly welcome.  (Check out my later post when I write about WHAT NOT TO PACK!)

Anyway, during the weekend, the weather became mildly warmer.  One of the favourite things that the boy and I like to do in London is to wander around – especially if there is a riverfront near by.  The boy had decided to prove himself to be a true technology pro and now wanted to try to use my camera so here are the results part 1.  I apologies in advance for the silly poses…

As it was the weekend, I went for a girly vintage polka dot dress but to keep me covered, I found an old Hobbs coloured trench.  The trench coat is still a staple in every lady’s wardrobe and this sunny yellow colour brightens up my day.  I was also wearing my new Swedish Hasbeens black shoes (super comfy and no stomping noises at all thanks to the rubber sole at the bottom!)  A simple slick of Tom Ford red lipstick and my favourite pair of Coach sunglasses finished the look.  I also brought my Etsy book clutch to compliment the girlish style of this outfit…


Am Shy…

(Past Season Hobbs Coloured Trench, Vintage Polka Dot Dress from Etsy, Kate Spade Necklace, Ps Besitos Book Clutch, Past Season Coach Sunglasses)


Admiring the View…


Trying the “Over the Shoulder” Look


Trying for a “In Motion” Shot…Cue Feeling Dizzy…


How I Wish The Weather had been THIS BRIGHT!

Clothes I wore:

Hobbs Past Season Trench – get a similar one here
Check out Etsy for vintage dresses or get a similar one here
Swedish Hasbeens can be bought in HK (solo suppliers) at Vie Shop 2, St. Francis Yard, Wanchai.  For other countries check out the website
Ps Besitos clutches are available to purchase, her Etsy store is here
Tom Ford Make Up can be found at Lane Crawford Times Square

American Apparel x Lab Concept – HK Soft Opening

On a gloomy rainy day, American Apparel in collaboration with LAB Concept opened up its first HK store at the LAB Concept in Queensway Plaza in Admiralty.  Friday, 10th May was the soft opening of the store.  For ex-pats and HK lifers, this is great news as American Apparel has been many a student or fashion savvy person’s go to label for bright, fun “basics”.  This store does not disappoint…brim full of colourful chiffon shirts, skirts, shorts and summer Ts and tanks, it was a welcoming burst of colour on an otherwise dreary day.  Olivia Mok (Marketing Manager for the brand in China) mentioned that for this store, they also brought some more fashion forward pieces such as the super cute skater style dresses which are a summer staple that has been featured in countless magazines.  The big plus is that they also come in a multitude of colours.  For those (like me) who have to stay away from the disco leggings (OMG statement leggings but totally not for my shape) or the short shorts, look at the amazing collection of Ts in the softest cotton and the cool chiffon shirts and skirts.  My favourite was the watermelon print shirt which just screamed SUMMER to me.


Watermelon Shirt (Photo from the American Apparel website)

I am also a big fan of the pleated chiffon polka dot skirts which come in a range of colours.  For the full summer look, choose the cream version and pair with the cropped sleeveless turtleneck tank.  Olivia Mok was actually wearing the black version of this outfit which was super chic and with a slick of red lipstick made it totally evening appropriate.


Chiffon Polka Dot Skirt (Photo from the American Apparel website)

Anyway, a bit about the brand.  American Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor and retailer of branded fashion basics who are headquartered in LA.  Proud of its American roots, the brand has approximately 10,000 employees globally with stores around the world.  Check out their website www.americanapparel.net.

So if you are in the Admiralty area, pop over to LAB Concept and check out the store.  Also if you have time, check out all the other goodies and quirky little surprises that LAB Concept have to offer.

American Apparel x LAB Concept
Queensway Plaza,
93 Queensway,
Admiralty, HK

The DRAMA continues…I still need to decide WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING….part…3? I think?

I have already written several posts about my dilemma in choosing the appropriate outfit to wear to certain weddings where I was a guest.  Have you noticed that the posts usually happen either straight before the wedding (as per Jasmine Smith’s wedding) or when I find out that I have several potential weddings looming up (here and here ).  Yes, I already have outed myself as a complete stress head and superficial diva who is going into a complete melt down (I am exaggerating a little bit…just a bit) about what to pack to wear for my best friend’s wedding.  The problem is that I cannot decide at the last minute what I feel like wearing on the day but I have to PACK IN ADVANCE!!!  Arrrgggghhh.  I have had some highs and lows with my various selections for wedding guest outfits and getting that balance with what is appropriate for the wedding and for your own personal style is difficult.  Also, any chance of buying something new is always a big plus for me.

My usual go-to outfit for attending weddings is the dress.  I usually wear a slim fitting dress in various materials and colours.  The only exception is DRESS ME’s Jasmine Smith’s wedding where to suit the bride and groom’s slightly bohemian vibe, I chose to wear my Pucci print inspired maxi dress.


What I wore to Jasmine Smith’s wedding…

May be I have become inspired by all the super talented bloggers I have been surrounded by but this time, I feel like trying something different.  I don’t really know why but I feel like wearing separates.  A recent article in Company showed that a lot of celebrities were wearing variations of the red trouser suit.  I love red as it is such a vibrant and sharp colour.  I am really tempted by this NEXT suit:

red suit


Red Linen Blend Jacket (£45)


Red Linen Blend Trousers (£26)

However, for a wedding would this scream “LOOK AT ME” too much?  The focal point of a wedding should be the bride after all?  Also as Next is only available online in HK, I would have to wait until I arrive in the UK to try it on.  With such slim fitting trousers that do not have a lot of stretch in the material, this is a risky option and I would have to have plans B and C at hand just in case I look horrid and the suit looked ill fitting when I tried it on.  Though I am sorely tempted, I am too much of a worrier to leave my outfit choice until such a late stage.

I am still tempted by the idea of separates and after reading Jasmine’s post about the shorts suit, I am tempted by the idea of wearing a shorts suit for this wedding.  As the wedding is in Greece, I am hoping it would be nice and hot so shorts would be a great option.  Also adding a jacket would make it appropriate for the wedding ceremony.  The idea of separates would also mean I can mix and match.  I found inspiration from the House of Fraser blog post about what to wear for a summer wedding.  I am not usually a big fan of in-house company blogs to be honest but because House of Fraser is a department store, it therefore has a multitude of brands to offer.  I liked that it was clearly for summer weddings but that it gave options for different types of summer weddings.  My absolute favourite was the Ted Baker shorts suit in a gorgeous pale blue.  Perfect for a summer wedding but as separates or even as a shorts suit, it could be work appropriate with a great shirt in either black or white for a crisp alternative to a business suit.


TED BAKER Jayne Tuxedo Suit Jacket (£209)


TED BAKER Jaynesh Tuxedo Tailored Shorts (£109)

My conclusion is to take inspiration from what I have read and see how what I already have in my wardrobe can be used to recreate similar looks.  I am trying to be sensible here because I have to admit (and my mother will rejoice that I admit it but please don’t tell her unless she reads this post of course!) that I obviously do have lots of options in my existing wardrobe.  I DO NOT need to buy more clothes…well not quite yet…

You will have to see in a later post what I finally decide to wear.  I promise to try to take some decent pictures this time!  So watch this space.